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Making of Beatmaker DOPE

Behind The Scenes

Your Partner in Crime

In this video Daniel Ruczko, the sound designer behind Beatmaker Dope, takes you behind the scenes of creating a DOPE experience.

Learn what Hip Hop means to him, how he approached the different sounds and patterns, and what he wanted to achieve with the plugin, so that you are having a “partner in crime” with the DOPE plug-in for creating authentic sounding Hip Hop Drums. Hip hop and boom bap rap in particular plays a big part in his life. He always liked the raw and sometimes imperfect sounding vibe of it. Every single sound consists of multiple layers, and ran through different plugins, settings and channel strips to give it the best sound right out of the box. The patterns offer a wide range of genre typical grooves as well as some more experimental patterns. These make working one beats with Dope so much fun. Six different sound characters make it easy to alternate the way the individual drum kits sound.

Daniel aspired the Beatmaker DOPE to be your buddy who works at a record store and saves you a lot of time digging through old vinyl to find the perfect sounds for your drums. DOPE does it for you.