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Introduction to Virtual Bassist ROYAL


A First-Look-Tutorial by Julian Rodgers

In this quick tutorial, Julian Rodgers from Pro Tools Expert gives you an introduction to Virtual Bassist. So, he takes you on a tour through the first steps of creating a setup with our virtual instruments. Virtual Bassist ROYAL is accompanied by Virtual Drummer SOLID and the Virtual Guitarists SILK and AMBER.

How to Get Started

First of all, you will learn about the Player and Instrument modes of Virtual Bassist.
The Player mode uses key switching to access patterns and styles in key with the chords you play. Certainly great for inspiration! Furthermore, Julian demonstrates the Instrument mode to play the keyboard with greater control. The dead notes and slides add extra realism. Most noteworthy, all samples have Round-Robin functionality resulting in natural variations of static patterns.

Using the style “80s Pop Ballad”, he shows you how to play chords and single notes with the right hand. As a result, key switches between common phrases are played with the left hand while adding fills and intros.
Finally, he demonstrates how to change character and amp of the instrument. Julian also explains how to play style-specific phrases and fills to experiment with busier bass lines. Just as if you were working with a real bass player.

Have a Look for Yourself

Please note that this video was made with a beta version of the instrument. Therefore, the look and sound will be slightly different in the final plug-in, which will be shipped to pre-order customers on December 6th. The official launch will be on December 17th, 2018. For ordering and more information on our Virtual Bassists click the individual links.
ROYAL – your noble and expensive fingered electric bass
ROWDY – a powerful and roaring picked electric bass
MELLOW – the smooth and elegant fingered upright bass

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