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We got plenty of inquiries by Video-Bloggers and musicians on Youtube that wanted to get their hands dirty and put our new sub-genre plug-ins to the acid test. We watched all of them and were impressed, here they are collected for your convenience:

MG The Future is a North Carolina, USA based producer and stumbled upon UJAM by accident: his followers asked him to make a review about Sparkle because they heard about it from Presonus. He was totally into the idea of reviewing Virtual Guitarist because he’s been a fan of our sister in Rack Extension, A-List Guitarist, for years. MG is coming from a Hip Hop background, that’s why we felt the urge to ask him for a review of Beatmaker Dope and Hustle.

Jelie303 alias Kickback Couture is a young girl from Denver shaking up the business. She’s rather critical with Dope and Hustle but you’ll never grow without constructive criticism!

Aram is a musician and Youtube from Russia. We’re very happy to have him on our friends list, although we don’t speak any russian word 😉

DJ Furtif aka. abc du beatmaking is a french Youtuber working on his portfolio. We are thankful that he’s supporting us in growing awareness in France.