UJAM Instruments | Blog | Virtual Guitarist Metal Riff Tutorial with IRON

How to Create a Progressive
Heavy Metal Riff


How it is done:

  • In Virtual Guitarist IRON, I picked the preset ‘Wacken’ and the style ‘Big Accents’ to define the general phrasing style and the desired sound.
  • Further on, I configured the AMP for a more heavy metal-like sound switching to ‘metal’ and tweaked the chorus and reverb function.
  • Next, I played the chords EbE and G and experimented with different phrases (A#3 – G#2 – A#2 – G2 – A#2 – B and A#3 – G#2 – A#2 – G2 – A#2)  over four bars, to create a contrastive rhythmical structure between longer power chord sounds, short staccato chugs and a slide.
  • Finally, I added some automation on the ‘Thrust’ and the ‘Feel’ function to support the overall sound.

It’s easy:

  1. Download the trial version of Virtual Guitarist IRON  if you haven’t got the plug-in already. It’s free, and it runs for 30 days – without any limitation.
  2. Install it, open your DAW, and find Virtual Guitarist IRON in your list of virtual instrument plug-ins, and open it on a track.
  3. Download the MIDI file: VG-IRON Progressive Metal Riff – midi
  4. Drag the MIDI file to the Virtual Guitarist IRON track
  5. Download the drum loop Wav-file: Metal-Riff – Drum-Loop
  6. Drag the MP3 file to your track.

The author:

Martin Seyer is a composer, sound designer and music educator who works for the music and media industry in close collaboration with artists, directors and theatre productions.