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VG Tutorial Part 6: How to Create a Progressive Rock Ballad

The Intro

  • I start of with VG IRON, and went with the factory preset: Alternative & Punk, the preset: casket base and the sound: basket day.
  • The main chord change I am using is D min, D sus 2, D sus 4 and a quick back andforth between Cmaj, C sus 2 and Cmaj.
  • The second part of the chord change starts again with D min but leads to D sus 4 and concludes with Cmaj.
  • I put an automation on the THRUST function at the end of every 8th bar.
  • I pick an instance of VD HEAVY, chose the preset: SLOW ROCK and use the drum fill on D#3 to lead into the verse.
  • For the sound I chose the kit DEEP and put the SLAM-function on 9 o’clock.


  • I open a second instance of VD HEAVY and select the preset: EAT THE DUST.
  • I am skipping the drum pattern between verse-pattern 1 on C3 and verse-pattern 2 on D3.
  • Before the track leads into the chorus, I chose the drum-fill on the key D#3.
  • The guitar part and sound of the verse remains the same as in the intro.


  • In the chorus I doubled the guitar tracks using two instances of VG IRON.
  • The first guitar track plays the same chord changes from the intro and verse.
  • The variations change with every harmony from D3, G3, D3 and A3.
  • I switched on the doubling function of the first guitar track to create more width in the sound spectrum.
  • In the second instance of VG Iron I used the preset SLUGGISH with the same named style.
  • The second guitar only remains on the style phrase D3
  • To get the sound, I put the DRIVE on 9.30, the REVERB on 3 o’clock and the CHORUS on 12 o’clock.
  • In the drum section of VD HEAVY I play around with a variety of chorus preset patterns (A3, B3 and G3) and to loosen them up with a couple of powerful drum fills on the keys (G#3, A#3 and D#3)
  • In the second part of this drum track I finish the chorus part by using an ending- fill on the key A#4.
  • For the overall mix I increased the mixing channel of the kick drum to 2 o’clock.


  • I chose a third instance of VG IRON and opted for the PRESET: Leader of the Peck and the style Low Down.
  • The chords remain the same as we already used for the intro and verse. This time I play only the note G#2 in the common phrases of the instrument.












The Author

Martin Seyer is a composer, sound designer and music educator who works for the music and media industry in close collaboration with artists, directors and theatre productions.


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to create a progressive Rock Ballad with Virtual Guitarist IRON and Virtual Drummer HEAVY!

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