UJAM Instruments | Blog | Virtual Drummer Release HEAVY, PHAT, SOLID

Drum Roll, Please...!

We're growing our product line

We proudly present you the all-new Virtual Drummer line of music production plug-ins.

Each Virtual Drummer is a unique personality with its custom playing style and gear.




If you already enjoyed the simplicity and quality of Virtual Guitarist, you’re going to love the all-new Virtual Drummer! Expect the same outstanding results and no-brainer workflow you’re used to from Virtual Guitarist plug-ins.

No matter whether you’re on Logic, Cubase, Ableton Live or any other Digital Audio Workstation: Virtual Drummer provides authentic drumming for VST and AU.

This also means that we’re growing our product line and that we’re bringing more attention to our ujam brand in preparation for big things to come…

For you, the most notable change is the re-launch of our website and social media appearances. Virtual Guitarist joins Virtual Drummer under the new name of ujam Instruments!

Effective immediately you’ll find us at www.ujam.com and at @ujaminstruments on Facebook. This also means that there will be more products released under the ujam brand down the line… Yay!

ujam Instruments plug-ins are your studio companions, always on call when you want to write, play and record tracks. Take seat in the producer’s chair and tell them what you need.

We want to thank you for your continued custom with Virtual Guitarist and look forward to a bright future under the new ujam Instruments umbrella.