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Successors of the A-List Drummer Series

Stockholm, Sweden, September 5, 2019
UJAM today expanded their virtual instruments series with the new Virtual Drummer Rack Extensions. Available immediately at Propellerheads (soon to be Reason Studios), these new instruments allow producers to create drum tracks with UJAM’s trademark simplicity and fail-proof musicality.

The Virtual Drummer Rack Extension series will replace the A-List Drummer series by Propellerhead with immediate effect. “With the new brand Reason Studios, we will sharpen the focus on our core values,” says Lukas Lyrestam, Product Manager of the A-List Drummers, and adds: “UJAM has been a partner of the A-List series since day one, the merging with their Virtual Drummer series is a good thing”.

All three products are available immediately and sell for $ 99 / 99 € each, with the bundle selling for $ 199 / 199 € exclusively in the Propellerhead / Reason Studios shop. Users who already own one or more A-List Drummers qualify for a special cross-grade price.

Talking about the changes made, Sebastian Bretschneider, Product Manager of the Virtual Drummer series, adds:

“The new Rack Extensions offer twice the styles, new mastering tools, new instrument selection and manipulation controls just like the VST, AU, and AAX update we did a few weeks ago, meaning we’re not only putting a new UI on top but adding substantial cool new features and content”.

The three new titles cover all popular musical styles:

●SOLID (formerly known as A-List Studio Drummer), is like having a seasoned professional drummer playing a pristine drum kit on your track

●PHAT (formerly known as A-List Classic Drummer), has you covered on styles ranging from Retro Soul to G-Funk and beyond

●HEAVY (formerly known as A-List Power Drummer), is a forceful indie and rock drumming specialist.

The new Virtual Drummer Rack Extensions are exclusively sold by Propellerhead / Reason Studios:


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