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All You Need to Write Your Next Summer Hit

Want to write a hit acoustic pop song fast? Looking for backing on your next ballad?
We proudly present: The Hitmaker Bundle, a perfect pop music combo of virtual instruments that specializes in popular genres, ready to produce hit records.
Before we jump in to the features in detail, check out the video below and listen to the song “Feel The Life”. Of course, it was produced using the Hitmaker Bundle.

The Hitmaker Bundle consists of 3 virtual instruments, making up a trio of timeless quality, guaranteed to satisfy the crowd:

  • AMBER – your very own acoustic session guitar for pop and ballads
  • SOLID – the gold-standard session drummer for top notch studio drum tracks
  • ROYAL – an all-round high-end session bass professional for all occasions

    All together, you end up with 121 complimentary styles and over 1740 professionally played phrases & patterns to choose from.
    You add UJAMs signature frustration-free controls and even without musical instrument skills, you’ll be able to write, compose and finish tracks quickly in your DAW.
    On top of that: Powerful and easy to use tone-shaping controls, giving you the possibility to tweak each sound to your liking.
    Start your free trial to try it out for 30 days or buy now and save 30%:
    Get Moves Like Jagger
    In case you are not into pop hits or ballads but like your sound rather hard & heavy, we’ve got you covered as well.
    The Headbanger Bundle offers 3 plug-ins that bring some serious punch to your production. A perfect fit for rock and heavier genres. Have a look for yourself.

    Listen to the Track on Soundcloud

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