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It’s Going to Get Loud

Get ready to bring your ear plugs and knock out your listeners with this power trio of virtual instruments.
The Headbanger Bundle is a combination of our heaviest hitters, riffers and rockers – the perfect fit for rock and heavier genres. See for yourself what they can do in this video for the demo “Brute Puppy’’.

The Headbanger Bundle features 3 virtual instruments that together, form the band we all dream of having:

  • IRON – your go-to guitarist for powerful distorted chords and riffs, providing satisfyingly hard and roaring power chords. From subtle & crunchy to furious & roaring.
  • ROWDY – a loud-mouthed, roaring picked electric bass. The perfect solution if your bass needs to cut through heavy drums and a wall of guitars.
  • HEAVY – an authoritative, hard-hitting rock drummer, permanently set to beast mode.

    In all, this leads to a whopping 170 complementary styles with over 2770 phrases & patterns to choose from. You’ll have countless possibilities to tweak each sound to your liking – with UJAMs signature frustration-free controls.
    Be assured that, thanks to our design philosphy, no previous musical instrument skills are required to compose, and complete entire tracks.
    Get your free trial for 30 days or buy now and save 30%: Rock Me!
    If rock and metal are not your thing, we have something else prepared for you. The Hitmaker Bundle is a perfect pop music combo of virtual instruments, ready to produce hit records. Check it out for yourself.

    Listen to the Track on Soundcloud

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