UJAM SongCruncher

Music Customization for TV, Movies and Advertising

Music can make or break a TV show, movie or even an advertisement. SongCruncher is a revolutionary tool that gives film and TV editors unprecedented artistic freedom in customizing tracks to their needs, and adds intelligent features emulating a “virtual music editor”. SongCruncher can be seamlessly embedded into any online music catalog. SongCruncher functions across all music genres – and requires no special material: Your back catalog can of course be SongCruncher-enabled. The system is designed for the format of the future – Stems – and offers more functionality here, but offers unique customization options even for stereo files.

Extreme Music

Extreme Music, the worldwide production music division of Sony/ATV Music Publishing, has already integrated UJAM’s SongCruncher technology.

Read more about Extreme Music's integration

Intelligent Music Customization, Storage and Integration Technology

Whether you are a small or large music catalog, SongCruncher is the solution solving your customer needs:

  • Let your users customize the music they license – including muting of tracks/sections, tempo changes or re-ordering of song parts.
  • SongCruncher is a time- and money-saver. No more tedious and questionable music editing in conventional audio editors. SongCruncher offers easier and faster editing in less time.
  • Say goodbye to questionable “versions” of your songs created by wrong cutting and fading. SongCruncher retains the artistic integrity and quality of your music.
  • SongCruncher ties in with our VJAM family of apps and APIs, giving you the opportunity to embed your SongCruncher-enabled music with any web apps or services and – even better – auto-match your music to video, animation or slide shows.

SongCruncher system is the future of production music customization. It is a powerful music editing, auto-arranging and storage system that can be run local or cloud-based. Your customer can access it via a dedicated browser client or integrated into your music catalog’s website. But there’s more to it: Once in SongCruncher format, your catalog can be distributed into all kinds of mobile apps or web services in need of perfectly matching music.

SongCruncher Online Editor

The online audio editor offers the following basic, yet powerful features:

  • Overview of the song in a well-organized multitrack view, with a timeline pre-divided into song sections and tracks with real audio waveform display
  • Inserting, deleting, replacing of song sections. All available song sections are conveniently pre-cut and listed in the editor window
  • Automatic re-arrangement of the song to any given length, simply entered in min:sec format* – fully retaining the musical integrity and arc.
  • Muting of entire tracks or sections per track for a range of applications from creating custom mixes to eliminating pre-dominant melodies under VOs.
  • Global tempo change (± 15 bpm), fingerprinting-proof up to ±6 bpm depending on your fingerprinting service
  • Instant download of a perfectly matching and arranged result in a choice of audio formats (MP3, AIFF, WAV)

*At the heart of SongCruncher is a patent-pending algorithm that puts the skillset of a professional arranger into even unmusical users' hands. It shortens or extends any track to a target length, preserving the original’s composition and “arc”. No more “iTunes preview” syndrome or mis-timed fade-outs. The arranger algorithm is based on research across thousands of tracks and scenarios and – using the metadata added in the conversion process – “knows” exactly which sections to use for each given length. The result is always perfect from a musical and artistic standpoint, significantly increasing the quality and match-accuracy of the music when used in programming.

In the cloud-based version, a patent-pending technology live-streams audio to the user while constantly monitoring and adjusting to edits. Whether local or in the cloud – SongCruncher always provides a realtime experience without waiting or download times.

UJAM SongCruncher

Adding SongCruncher to Your Catalog

Integration of the SongCruncher technology into your catalog is painless and extremely flexible:

  • Songs can be stored locally, on your own servers or in the cloud (your own, UJAM’s), where the sky’s the limit for the size of your catalog.
  • Song conversion is a quick, easy and semi-automatic process. You can convert songs in-house, and we also offer conversion services upon request at a per-song-fee that’s a tiny fraction of the production cost.
  • The editor itself can run in browsers (Flash – HTML5, API coming soon), either embedded into your existing website or in a separate window. It can also be distributed on mobile devices and as a separate (branded) app.

Note: SongCruncher can be run in (private) intranets (e.g. cable networks, production companies) as well as hosted on UJAM cloud servers for global internet access.

Integrating Your Catalog Into Web and Mobile Apps

SongCruncher enables you to license/distribute your song catalog for embedding with web services and mobile apps. This opens additional revenue streams and adds significant competitive value to your catalog because your soundtracks will always be perfectly auto-matched to target lengths – be it for video, TV programming, music games or any other purposes requiring customization. SongCruncher does not alter the rights or licensing situation, and you will always be in full control of your valuable content.

Try out our iPhone app VJAM for a showcase of a powerful consumer application of SongCruncher technology.

VJAM is available for free in the App Store.

Download on the App Store

Feature Highlights

An overview of the key features provided by SongCruncher technology:

  • Ubiquitous: catalog storage/streaming cloud-based or on local/inhouse system; editing/integration for browser or mobile applications
  • Musical Intelligence: Patent-pending technology based on semi-automatic tagging re-arrange a musical piece to any given length without compromising musical integrity
  • Song Editing: Manual editing of song arrangement (delete, replace, insert song sections)
  • Audio Editing: Muting, Soloing, Mixing and tempo changing of tracks
  • Download or integration of result: Customized versions can be downloaded by the user in either MP3 or WAV format, stereo or multitrack, or directly laced into other media (video)
  • Distribution of your catalog in flexible SongCruncher format for embedding with web services and mobile apps
Customix – UJAM and Extreme Music launch Customix

UJAM and Extreme Music Launch CUSTOMIX

CUSTOMIX is the world’s first cloud-based remixing and customization tool for production music. It turns film and TV editors into music editors.

What Others Say About CUSTOMIX

“To be able to create my own mix on the fly, plus the ability to change the
speed of a track … is a giant leap forward and seriously changes the game.”

Kevin Edelman, Metalman Music

“The whole ethos behind this is that it breathes many different lives into one single musical track.”

Russell Emanuel, CEO Extreme Music

“I was able to customize a track in five minutes.”

Fran Berkman, Mashable

CUSTOMIX in the Press

About Extreme Music

World-renowned as the “Bad Boys of the Industry” Extreme Music, the worldwide production music division of Sony/ATV Music Publishing has made it their duty to change the face of library music. Consistently delivering an industry-quaking catalogue that leaves their competition sleeping with the lights on and establishing Extreme Music as the undisputed masters in their field. Their A-list packed roster famously boasts names such as Quincy Jones, Hans Zimmer, Sir George Martin, Snoop Lion, Paul Oakenfold, Rodney Jerkins, Boris Blank, Mark Mothersbaugh, Timbaland, Micheal Giacchino, Brian Tyler, Vince Clarke and Xzibit to name a few.

Users addicted to Extreme include Music Supervisors for hit TV shows such as Modern Family, New Girl, Shameless, Mad Men and Dexter; Hollywood blockbusters and trailers including Skyfall, Lincoln, Life of Pi, The Lone Ranger, Lawless, Brave, Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn and Wreck It Ralph; and memorable advertising campaigns for Coca Cola, Virgin Atlantic, Target, Red Bull, Ford and AT&T.